Monday, August 22, 2016

Lehrhaus Philosophy Circles 2016-2017

Lehrhaus Philosophy Circles 
The Zohar and Martin Buber

Lehrhaus Philosophy Circle - The Zohar continues for a second year under the leadership of Professor Daniel C. Matt and utilizing his epic translation and annotation of The Zohar: Pritzker Edition. We will discuss selections from Volume 4 of this groundbreaking work.

Matt describes the Zohar as "a challenge to the normal workings of consciousness [that] dares one to examine one's assumptions about tradition, God, and self."

Students new to Zohar Circle should register for a Shedding the Light on Zohar session (in Aug or Sept) to help prepare for the class.

Lehrhaus Philosophy Circle: The Zohar in Aramaic

This special section of the Zohar program is led by Prof. Daniel Matt and is for students with the ability to follow the Zohar in the original (facility in either Hebrew or Aramaic). The Aramaic text will be provided (along with a Hebrew translation) and participants should also purchase Vol. 4 of The Zohar: Pritzker Edition. Class size is limited.

Lehrhaus Philosophy Circle: Martin Buber

We celebrate the life of the renowned Jewish philosopher and educator after his 50th yahrzeit with readings and discussions from Hasidism and Modern Man. First published in 1958, this collection of essays examines the life and religious experiences of Hasidic Jews, as well as Buber’s personal response to them.

From the autobiographical “My Way to Hasidism,” to “Hasidism and Modern Man,” and “Love of God and Love of Neighbor,” the essays span nearly half a century and reflect the evolution of Buber’s religious philosophy in relation to the Hasidic movement. Hasidism and Modern Man remains prescient in its portrayal of a spiritual movement that brings God down to earth and makes possible a modern philosophy in which the human being becomes sacred.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Professor Daniel Matt's Introduction To The Study of the Zohar

On Sunday, October 11, 2015, at the Jewish Community Library, Professor Daniel Matt presented a talk, "Introduction To The Study of the Zohar" for participating students of the Lehrhaus Philosophy Circles.  We are very grateful to have been hosted by the Jewish Community Library.

The audio recording is available for download here:

The Talk

The texts Professor Matt refers to in his talk are here:

The Ten Sefirot

How to Look at Torah

Romance of Torah
Before the first class, students should acquire the following two books:

The Zohar: Pritzker Edition, Translation and Commentary by Daniel C. Matt, Volume 4.

And Arthur Green, A Guide to the Zohar. Before the first class, they should read the section (in Part 1 of Green’s book) entitled “Teachings of the Kabbalists: The Ten Sefirot.”